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Machine Learning BootCamp

( Five Days )

Who Would Be Taking the Workshop

Venkatesh Tadinada has 25+ years of experience in various domain and verticals that deal with Data. His journey started with Data Warehouses, proceeding on to Data Mining, Business Intelligence and now Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI. Co-founded and exited a start-up in Business Intelligence.

He drives his passion for teaching through workshop on Machine Learning. Below show are few of the recent hands-on workshops where he taught Data Enthusiasts the joy of Discovering the Data.

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Hands-On Machine Learning
This is a 5 day workshop which will progressively take you through various Supervised Learning algorithms, providing hands on experience on problems based on Classification, Regression, Textual analysis, Time Series analysis, Feature Engineering and Optimization.
Assistance in Job Placements
Prepare yourself for a career in Machine Learning / Data Science. Nothing gives us more joy that seeing our students succeed. We will assist you with all the right guidance to crack interviews.

Leave with Industry Ready Skills
At the end of this workshop, you would have solved and uploaded your results to websites that would serve as a portfolio for your booming career. Make your mark strong and bold.

Assistance in Competitions
More than your degrees or experience; what data analytics companies value the most is a strong portfolio showcasing your practical approach towards the theoretical hypothesis. We will help you stand toe to toe with top contenders on Kaggle, Hackerearth, Analytics Vidhya and more such data beacons.

What aspects would be covered in the workshop

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Introduction To Machine Learning

This session gives introduction for what machine learning is and where can machine learning be applied.This also provides an overview of various types of machine learning.This also provides a path on where to start for establishing a career in machine learning and the process that has to be followed to make predictions on a machine learning problem.

Python For Machine Learning

This session gives introduction for what machine learning is and where can machine learning be applied.This also provides hands on experience on python packages like numpy, pandas, matplotlib and seaborn necessary for data analysis and machine learning using python.

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Logistic Regression - Kaggle Titanic

Logistic Regression is a statistical method for analyzing a dataset in which there are one or more independent variables that determine an outcome. The outcome is measured with a dichotomous variable (in which there are only two possible outcomes). You would be able to use Logistic Regression algorithms to determine if passengers on Titanic survived or died based on their attributes.

Linear Regression and Random Forest Regression

Linear Regression is a standard Statistical Data Analysis technique which is used to determine the extent to which there is a linear relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. Random Forests are an ensemble learning method for classification and regression. You will get to solve a problem which is asked in HackerEarth's Brain Waves Competition using the above two algorithms.

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Feature Engineering and XGBoost

XGBoost Algorithm has become the ultimate weapon of many data scientists. It’s a highly sophisticated algorithm, powerful enough to deal with all sorts of irregularities of data and is capable to perform parallel computation. Participants will get to know about XGBoost, Feature Engineering Using XGBoost and Optimization of hyperparameters using XGBoost through hands on experience.

NLTK with Naive Bayes Classifier

Most of the data in today’s world is being generated as we speak, as we tweet, as we send messages on social media and in various other activities. Working on this data has become necessary to derive useful patterns which will help in serving the customers better and also helps in business growth. Participants will be provided hands on experience on natural language processing tools along with end to end walk-through on how to classify the twitter comments using the NLTK Tools.

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Time Series Analysis

We predict the future using the observations from the present and give equal weightage to all the observations. It is necessary to give importance to certain observations over another when dealing with time dependent data and also when there are seasonal trends in the data. So this workshop will focus on coverage of all techniques necessary to handle Time Series Data.

Key Takeaways

Recognizing the problem

A high level overview of what machine learning is and to recognize the problems that can be solved with Machine Learning.

Selecting the techniques

Select the right technique to solve the problem (is it a classification problem? a regression? needs preprocessing?).


A few libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, to start your learning experience, that you can improve upon.


A certificate for succesful completion of the course.


Finally, you would be able to decide if Machine Learning is for you and what you would have to do next, if you want to make this your career.

Upcoming Schedule

Machine Learning Bootcamp
(5 Day Workshop)
Aug 20th - Aug 24th, 2018
Fee: 8,000 INR - 12,000 INR

Attention: Prerequisites

  • Having a good knowledge of programming concepts (writing loops, data structures, functions and recursive functions).
  • Knowledge of Python. (If you are not sure about your knowledge of python, sign up for the Basic Python for Data Science course)..
  • Laptop with Wifi capability and Python 3.x installed.
  • A desire and thirst for knowledge.


Yes the exam is online through HackerRank platform. You will get the test link to your registered email id.
The duration of the test is 3hrs and can be taken from any place preference.
The test consists of 10 problems which may cover problems on Bit Manipulation, Trees, Graphs, Dynamic Programming etc.
You would be bringing your wifi-enabled laptop with Anaconda installed.
No, this course will be a hands on experience course along with delving deeper into theoretical concepts.
Yes, you will get 50% discount if you are in the top ten.
Machine Learning Workshops