Machine Learning Workshops


About the workshop

This workshop focuses on the implementation of machine learning algorithms using libraries such as scikit-learn. Students will tackle real world issues and apply machine learning concepts in order to solve them. This workshop will give students an idea on how to identify which algorithm fits a given dataset, compare various models based on their error rate, and gain practical experience on different phases of machine learning, right from data cleaning to predictions.

What will you learn while developing a project using Machine Learning ?

  • - Recognize problems that can be solved with Machine Learning.
  • - Select the right technique (is it a classification problem? a regression? needs preprocessing?).
  • - Load and manipulate data with Pandas.
  • - Visualize and explore data with Matplotlib.
  • - Build regression, classification and clustering models with Scikit-Learn.
  • - Evaluate model performance with Scikit-Learn.
  • - Build, train and serve a predictive model using Python.


We expect students to have a good understanding of python and basic machine learning concepts such as classification and regression. We also conduct workshops exclusively for these concepts.